ED Recovery + Self Love with Julia Parzyck

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Join me as I chat with Julia Parzyck from @fitfatandallthat about all things body image, self care, ED recovery and more! This is by far the most hilarious episode yet full of explicit content, giggles, and all the serious yet honest deep talk you’ve been craving around mental health + self love.

Julia parzyck is an eating disorder recovery coach, a body-acceptance influencer and enjoys dancing in her kitchen! Julia helps women find a healthy relationship with their bodies, food, and movement and is recovered from her own eating disorder of 10 years. She believes in not taking yourself too seriously and giving yourself grace and compassion daily.

Juju and I talk about:

  • Her story of recovery
  • Becoming an ED recovery coach
  • Why hiring a management company has been so pivotal for her now 6-figure business
  • How she built badass self confidence
  • The importance of following people on IG who lift you up
  • The REAL journey to loving yourself and why it isn’t always rainbows and butterflies
  • What being recovered from an ED actually looks like
  • The importance of understanding your stress patterns with mental health + building a team of professionals to support you
  • The controversial cover of Cosmopolitan magazine + both of our thoughts

We also talk about shitty internet trolls, how her and her incredible boyfriend Karl met, and so many other fun little things along the way.

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