Root cause healing for people who want answers to chronic health challenges. 

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We're a small but mighty team of practitioners working remotely online with clients all over the US and beyond, helping our clients get to the root cause of their health challenges so they can live their lives to the fullest. We're committed to being the most supportive, encouraging, and empowering health + wellness company, educating and inspiring people to take charge of their own health. We ask questions most practitioners don't think of and we find answers most people aren't aware of. We believe the body is designed to heal itself. We believe toxins, pathogens and metabolic dysfunction are the biggest drivers of disease. We believe being proactive to maintain optimal health is a non-negotiable. We believe chronic illness is reversible. We believe diagnosis is not destiny.

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A  one-of-a-kind health podcast dishing out all of the top overlooked health challenges your doctors never told you about.  Didn't know mold, parasites, stealth infections + environmental toxicity may be contributing to your chronic health issues, infertility and more? We've got you covered. 

Cait + the team brings leading health professionals, innovative thinkers, inspiring entrepreneurs and some of their biggest mentors to support you along your journey of optimizing your health and your life.

The Crowell + Co Podcast 

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Our Miscarriage Experience

Parasites, Drainage, Mold + Coffee Enemas

ED Recovery + Self Love

Food Sensitivities + Healing Leaky Gut

Debunking Nutrition Laws

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"Choosing to work with Caitlin was one of the best choices I've ever made for myself! 

She is incredibly knowledgeable, genuine, and so willing to share her wisdom in order to help others develop a healthy lifestyle. I am so thankful for the time and effort she has put into helping me make positive changes in my life!"

- caitlin t.

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The Blog That
Started It All

Back in 2015, I started a simple blog during my senior year of college to congregate all of the knowledge, information, resources, recipes, and topics I was rapidly learning from my undergrad degree + nutrition research. Fast forward 6 years and plenty of certifications, hundreds of clients, seminars, and experience later-  and the blog is still running strong! 

You'll find years of information, new research,  actionable tips + tricks, REAL LIFE stories, experiences, controversial topics and so much more. 


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