Food Sensitivities + Healing Leaky Gut

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Join me for a solo episode as I take you head first into a high-level conversation about food sensitivities and why healing your gut is the number 1 factor when it comes to long-term food sensitivity relief and alleviating common systemic inflammatory symptoms.

On this episode we talk about:

  • The in and outs of food sensitivity testing and the importance of understanding
  • Why I don’t suggest at-home testing
  • Which test is best and the importance of working with a practitioner to address your
  • The process of completing an MRT 170 – how many vials of blood will they take, how long do results take, what does it cost, what results you can expect, etc.
  • Clinical examples of a real life client of mine + how we navigate healing
  • How I personally work with clients to address food sensitivities and troubleshooting tips + tricks
  • What it actually means when you have a lot of food sensitivities
  • The importance of understanding ‘Leaky Gut’ and addressing root cause to heal
  • Understanding the north-to-south process of digestion and honoring our bodies natural rhythms to heal
  • Why people experience systemic issues like skin conditions, headaches, painful joints, etc when they have food sensitivities
  • The massive importance of removing foods AND healing your gut to heal and why doing one without the other is essentially pointless

Steps to consider taking:

  1. Take an MRT-170 Food Sensitivity Test
  2. Follow guidelines on removing foods you’re sensitive to: rotate high-greens every 3-4 days, remove yellow foods for 3 months, remove red foods for 6 months.
  3. Consider complimenting your MRT with a GI Map test to get a more comprehensive view on what may be influencing your imbalances + inflammation + symptoms. Often I also see things like parasites, bacterial imbalances, microbiome imbalances, etc.
  4. Tackle the root cause of gut healing with healing nutrients
  5. Support the north to south process of digestion- grab my top tips + tricks here

Photo’s to guide you visually as you listen to this episode:

source: niddk.niv.gov

Show Notes

Also, if you haven’t already downloaded my FREE gut-healing guide, hop to it! It’s full of simple, actionable tips and tricks to get you started on your healing journey.

XO Cait

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