Our Early Miscarriage Experience

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Stu and I experienced a miscarriage after an unexpected pregnancy last month and wanted to share our experience with everyone to normalize these situations and the challenging emotions that come along with it.

We learned a ton along the way and wanted to share authentically with you from both of our perspectives (male + female) in hopes to shed light and knowledge in a very nuanced space.

I’m passionate about speaking into the spaces that are often “hush, hush” or silenced for no apparent reason, especially when it comes to knowledge, education, and information in the health + wellness space. 

In this episode, we talk about:

  • How we’ve been using natural methods for the last 6 years to not get pregnant
  • How we ended up getting pregnant unintentionally
  • The challenges and overwhelm we ran into while putting together our team of professionals to guide us in our pregnancy journey, what tests we took and when
  • How I knew I had lost the pregnancy
  • What conversations we’ve been having along the way
  • Why we chose to tell close friends and family before we hit the second trimester
  • The emotions we’re both feeling now and what we felt through the process over the last 5 weeks
  • The many silver linings we’ve gleaned from this time and why we’re optimistic for the future 

Show Notes

Our hearts go out to anyone and everyone who has experienced loss or is currently trying to conceive. Stu and I both have a totally new perspective and are humbled by our own experience. Sending you all love and hope this podcast is a great contributor to the lack of sharing in this space.

XO Cait

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