Debunking Nutrition Laws with Jonathan Posey

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Nutrition laws across state lines can be SUPER confusing and stressful. I asked Jonathan Posey from the Council of Holistic Health Educators to join me in answering your questions all about nutrition laws, regulations, and what to be aware of to practice nutrition in any state. 

Jonathan is the Founder, Executive, and Policy Director for the Council. He brings over 15 years of experience in lobbying, public policy, and grassroots activism in food and consumer safety. He began his career on Capitol Hill as a congressional aide. Then he moved to the private sector as a lobbyist, representing food and consumer safety firms as well as other healthcare and technology interests. Recognizing the need for an organization that exclusively represented the interests of the holistic health and nutrition community, Jonathan created a coalition of like-minded holistic schools to protect the practice of holistic health. This coalition grew to become the Council of Holistic Health Educators.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Laws regarding red states, yellow states and green states
  • How to navigate each state safely while practicing nutrition
  • Telehealth nutrition laws across state lines
  • What to do about liability and practitioner insurance
  • The 5 words to NEVER say as a nutritionist
  • Why this whole legal issue in the nutrition world really comes down to turf wars with the Academy of Nutrition + Dietetics

Show notes:

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Be sure to download my “how-to guide on starting your nutrition business“! This guide contains:

  • The biggest + most foundational steps you need to take before launching your business
  • Important legal things like how to set up your LLC, why separating business from private finances are vital for an easy tax season, etc.
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  • What software to consider for client management
  • Tips for setting up your website/logo/brand
  • Foundational tips for finding + converting clients

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