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Let's Build Optimal Health 

If we've learned anything from the 300+ clients we've had and the tens of thousands we've reached across social media, we know that community and support make all the difference when it comes to creating new habits and taking charge of your health. 



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You don't have to do it alone.

It's time to get back to your gut instincts

Our signature Gut Sense Group Program was created to support you in community as you tackle some of your most pesky digestive health challenges. We cap our program at 30 people to keep things intimate yet group-focused to give you that small-group support you've always been hoping for while addressing the root-cause. 

How It Works

first, Community

Enroll in the program + begin connecting with your cohort. You'll have functional labs as part of the program to elevate your personalized protocol

Then, Implementation

Soak up holistic education AND personalized nutrition, supplement + lifestyle protocols as you heal + learn at the same time. 

THEN, Transformation

Leave the program with an improved understanding + appreciation for your body and how it functions, as well as a community of new friends

i can help because i've been there

but nowI know how to help!

Ten years ago I was defeated, tired and overwhelmed 

I spent most of my teenage years and early 20's with unexplainable digestive issues, IBS and a diagnosed panic + generalized anxiety disorder that left my head spinning.

Doctors couldn't give me answers and didn't spend the time to dig deeper, so I took charge of my own health. After completing a BS in Global Public Health + Nutrition as well as multiple Holistic Nutrition Certifications, I've been able to  understand and troubleshoot the root-cause of my symptoms, put my health challenges to rest and now I spend my days helping thousands of others do the same.


Frustrated by not healing...

You just want someone to answer that big WHY to your digestive health challenges and offer natural solutions to troubleshoot imbalances + symptoms.

overwhelmed by information...

You're sick of being confused by all of the contradictory health info online + want someone to help you make sense of it all for YOU + your body.

Alone + searching for community...

You feel alone, lost, hopeless and invalidated  by your friends + family and would LOVE to connect with others dealing with similar challenges who make you feel seen.

The results


say goodbye to bloating, diarrhea, constipation + heartburn for good.

kick that digestion-induced social anxiety to the curb once and for all.

Get to the root cause of your chronic health challenges

Let go of your self doubt, "im sick" mentality and feel confident again.

walk away with a tribe of loving, supportive women who care.

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"This was such a great investment in my health and worth every penny."

- Erin L.

"I wasn't expecting to receive such valuable information on how to approach social situations and settings with family/friends."

- Janna K. 

"The program helped lay a solid foundation for my health journey- one that I will continue to refine and strengthen." 

- Jessica t. 

"I finally feel like I have a grasp on my gut health and a much better understanding of how it is supposed to function and what it could mean when it isn't."

- Erin L.

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Whats included?

  • Root Cause protocols for healing 
  • Nutrition, supplement, + lifestyle recommendations
  • 1-1 consult with Cait
  • Weekly LIVE Q+A calls
  • 14 Educational modules with lifelong access
  • Videos, Beautiful downloads + PDF's
  • 10% off professional supplements
  • Community forum with practitioner input
  • Endless support, motivation + encouragement
  • Functional blood labs with review

Whats the program cost?

  • Updated pricing coming soon! 

When does the program start + end?

  • More info coming soon!

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tell me more!

What kind of results should I expect

  • Less bloating, gas, heartburn, etc. 
  • More predictability with your digestion
  • Improved energy + mood
  • Better sleep
  • Confidence in your health
  • Less inflammation
  • Better understanding of your symptoms + what you can do about them
  • A newfound appreciation for your body's ability to heal itself
  • Lifelong community of people who GET IT and support you in your healing 

are there any labs included?

  • Yes- comprehensive blood labs with a functional health report + blood work review
  • Price included in the program price!

Who is this program for?

  • Those dealing with chronic digestive symptoms like bloating, diarrhea/constipation, heartburn, GERD, etc. 
  • Anyone who's sick of their doctor telling them "everything is normal" or "its all in your head"
  • Anyone interested in Parasite Cleansing, healing leaky gut, SIBO, IBS/IBD, 
  • Those dealing with chronic illness like mold, lyme, etc.
  • Those looking for a ROOT CAUSE approach
  • Anyone who wants to understand their body better + how to troubleshoot their own symptoms

What topics will be covered?

  • Drainage + detoxification 
  • Digestion + troubleshooting common dysfunction
  • Habits + lifestyle factors to implement
  • Functional blood work review
  • Healing the gut- how to do it once and for all
  • All things PARASITES + "scrubbing the gut"
  • Troubleshooting detox/herx reactions + symptoms
  • The importance of the Full Moon on overall health + digestion
  • Managing environmental toxins + toxic load
  • Mental/emotional support 
  • Beyond the gut- mold, lyme, co-infections, etc

whats the cost of supplements?

  • Total cost is between $500-1000+ in total depending on what protocol you follow 
  • Supplements are an extra cost

Where is the program hosted?

  • On our professional HIPAA compliant software, Practice Better
  • Everything is in one spot for easy access + organization

- Katie H. 

"I can honestly say now after taking the program, I have fears about “what if I hadn’t taken it?” 


Intro Module: Welcome + getting started

Module 1: Drainage, detoxification + initial protocol

Module 2: Digestion + troubleshooting dysfunction

Module 3: Building healthy habits + sustainable lifestyle choices

Module 4: Functional bloodwork review

  • Look over the Syllabus + add important dates to your calendar so you never miss a beat
  • Watch the videos on how to order labs and supplements + be sure to order both of these as soon as possible so you’re prepared when we begin the program
  • Familiarize yourself with the program guidelines and rules 
  • Complete initial paperwork in your client portal
  • Print + fill out your intentions for this program to keep you on track with your goals
  • Introduce yourself to your cohort on the community forum so we can all welcome you into the program with open arms
  • Learn about what drainage is & why it’s important
  • Begin implementing the first nutrition, supplement+ lifestyle protocol to support drainage pathways
  • Discuss how we got here and a history of food industry- importance of supporting drainage
  • Intro to CellCore & explain the full 3 month protocol
  • Learn about daily detox methods and other functional supports
  • Discuss the relationship between mitochondria & energy production
  • Learn about detox, die off, and herxheimer reactions and what to do about them
  • Discuss options for troubleshooting symptoms
  • Talk about when it would be necessary to make adjustments to the protocol
  • Learn about the anatomy and physiology of digestion
  • Discuss the difference between optimal digestion and common dysfunction + how to troubleshoot symptoms
  • Identify general digestive supports
  • Learn why stomach acid is good for you
  • Identify which functional digestive supports would be most beneficial for you based upon what you learned in this module and consider adding them to your supplement protocol.
  • Understand the basics of nutrition
  • Identify which lifestyle pieces may be positively or negatively affecting healing
  • Create sustainable diet & lifestyle changes with daily habits
  • Complete the 3 day food journal + make note of any connections with food + potential symptoms 
  • Review your blood panel + Functional Health Report
  • Learn what blood markers connect with Gastrointestinal challenges and which root cause clues you can identify that connect to other health challenges/symptoms you're dealing with 
  • Decide if any additional supports are needed

view more modules

Module 5: new protocol + scrubbing the gut

module 6: all things parasites

module 7: troubleshooting detox + herx symptoms

module 8: the full moon + its impact on health

 module 9: environmental toxins + lowering toxic exposure

module 10: Mental + emotional supports

module 11: beyond the gut- mold, lyme, co-infections, etc.

Module 12: re-evaluation + progress report

Outro module: where do i go from here?

  • Discover what to expect and what the goals are of this protocol phase are
  • Understand how to titrate onto supplements and what the general/sensitive doses look like
  • Learn + implement what it means to "scrub the gut"
  • Learn the flow of this phase and how to adjust for your particular needs
  • Discover what to expect and what the goals are of this protocol phase are
  • Understand how to titrate onto supplements and what the general/sensitive doses look like
  • Learn + implement what it means to "scrub the gut"
  • Learn the flow of this phase and how to adjust for your particular needs
  • Learn about the different types of parasites, where they come from, and how they affect us
  • Understand what a biofilm is and discuss the biofilm busters we are using in the protocol
  • Know what to expect when taking parasitic herbs + what symptoms may arise
  • Talk about coffee enemas + other detox lifestyle supports
  • Talk about common parasite die off symptoms + what they mean
  • Know how to troubleshoot symptoms and when to adjust dosages
  • Decide when additional detox supports are needed + how to support yourself through detoxing
  • Learn how to manage environmental toxin exposure 
  • Understand how generational toxic exposure can impact your genes + effect chronic conditions
  • Introduce resources to help you learn more about what’s in your products
  • Discuss mold, how to test your home, and a brief overview of how to address it
  • Understand the mind body connection as it relates to healing
  • Talk about ways to ensure you’re taking care of yourself through this process
  • Discuss how to cultivate a healing mindset and overcome obstacles
  • Introduce other healing modalities and when to bring them into your healing journey
  • Discuss signs and symptoms of other health concerns such as lyme, co-infections, mold, etc. 
  • Learn about how radiation, heavy metals, and environmental toxins affect the body
  • Other testing options to look into + consider in the future 
  • Reflect on your progress over the past 3 months, celebrate the wins, and identify areas where further growth is needed
  • Discuss how to determine what your next steps are in your healing journey
  • Options to work with us 1-1 or join our exclusive membership program reserved for previous clients only
  • Discuss in detail various labs we offer and how we can take you to the next level of healing beyond the gut if needed
  • Discuss ways to stay connected with our supportive community + continue growing as you heal

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