How to Make Spaghetti Squash

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Happy HUMP DAY!!! Is that still a thing?..

Wednesday is here, which means the week is half way over! Kind of.. I don’t know about you, but Wednesdays usually mean two things for me: 1. The weekend is getting close WOOHOO!!! and 2. Damn, I only have a few more days until the week is over.. and I still have so much work to do!? Yikes.

Do you set goals for yourself weekly? I’m pretty sure I have to. If you don’t, you totally should because its a huge motivator and makes you feel productive and proud of yourself for getting shit done. Maybe that’s just me.. but I think about 1,000 things every minute and I have to stay organized or I literally don’t get anything done. You might not be as ADD with your thoughts as me, but I think everyone benefits from a little goal setting and accomplishment.

Ya know, It’s kind of nice to grow up and learn more about yourself.. even a year ago I probably wouldn’t have known these things about myself, that I desperately need organization. It’s kind of crazy how we never stop learning about ourselves and who we are as individuals since life is always changing and throwing new situations our way. What a cool thought. Unintentionally- that was a great example of my brain. Welcome to the inner workings.

Hey! I realized I cook a ton of spaghetti squash on the regular, and making it is kind of second nature to me. But, It may not be for you. I would love to show you how to make this kick ass squash so that you can join in on all of this spaghetti squash fun. But seriously, it is tons of fun to create new recipes with spaghetti squash.

This isn’t a recipe so to speak, its more of a “how to”:


Alrighty! Lets do this thing. Preheat that oven to 375 and get your squash out.

  1. Starting with the top left picture: cut off the top of the squash to get a level top.
  2. Top right picture: Flip the squash upside down so the flat side you just cut is face down. It should be level and sturdy so that you can cut the squash in half lengthwise. Go ahead and cut it in half. Use those muscles! Get angry! Please don’t cut yourself.
  3. Left middle: use a spoon to scoop out the seeds and ooey-gooey insides. Think pumpkin carving
  4. Right middle: place the two halves on a baking sheet, drizzle some extra virgin olive oil and salt and pepper over top
  5. Left bottom: flip the two halves face down onto the pan and add some water to cover about 1/4-1/2 inch of the bottom of the pan. This will help the squash stay moist, and it’ll cook a bit faster.
  6. Right Bottom: After cooking for ~45 min at 375, take a fork to the squash and scoop it on out!

You may be wondering how it looks like spaghetti- this is how it looks naturally! No fancy kitchen gadgets or special way of scooping it out with the fork. Hence the name spaghetti squash. Pretty cool!

I like to make a ridiculous amount of things with this squash: by itself with some butter salt and pepper, mixed with marinara sauce and meatballs, underneath some veggies, mixed in with a curry dish in place of rice, replaced for any pasta dish… the list goes on.

Get to makin’ some squash and let me know what delicious recipes you come up with! 🙂

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