Whole Flaxseeds or Ground Flaxseeds?

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What is the difference between whole flax seed & ground flax seed, and which one is better for you? I’ve been asked this question many times and can’t wait to share some great information with you guys!

This seed, along with chia & hemp seeds, has blown up recently as “one of the healthiest foods” you can consume. Heres a few reasons why you should introduce flaxseeds into your diet:

  • Supports healthy skin and nails
  • Supports healthy weight loss
  • Naturally reduce cholesterol levels
  • Encourages natural detoxification pathways
  • High in antioxidants
  • Promotes digestive health
  • High in Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Anti-inflammatory

So you want to introduce this superfood into your diet but you don’t know what kind you should buy- Whole or Ground? The short answer- BUY GROUND FLAXSEEDS.

Grains, beans, nuts and seeds all have what’s called a Phytic Acid layer around their outer shell. This layer is meant to protect the plant from being consumed or destroyed and is extremely irritating and rough on the human digestive system. Simply put, we aren’t biologically capable of breaking down this tough phytic acid layer, and neither are most animals.

Have you ever been walking through the woods and seen animal droppings with tiny seeds in the stool, still in their complete form? This is because of the phytic acid layer! It is the plants way of maintaining its population and to not be destroyed. It’s actually incredible that plants do this, because the animal droppings in turn fertilize the seeds and encourage plant growth. Nature is pure genius.

(side note– this is why grains, seeds, nuts, and legumes must be either sprouted, fermented, or ground in order to be digested properly! If not properly prepared, they can irritate the gut lining and contribute to multiple health issues including IBS, auto-immune disorders, and much more)

Anyway, this tough outer layer literally prevents us from all of the goodness inside the seeds. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if you’re buying whole flax seeds and eating them whole, chances are they’ll come out the same way they went in and you’ll miss out on all of the health benefits listed above.

Make sure you are buying GROUND flax seeds if you are looking to reap the benefits of this incredible food, or, look into buying flaxseed oil for a concentrated amount of nutrients & omega-3 fatty acids. Listed below are my two favorite flaxseed products. Click either image to order online!

300 barleans-flaxseed-oil-32-oz-supplementcentral



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