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Raw Almond Butter Stuffed Dates

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There are so many days when I just want something quick to snack on. Either before a workout, between breakfast & lunch, between lunch & dinner, after dinner, or really just when I feel like eating for no reason at all.. lets be honest.

Being paleo-ish and 100% gluten free, I’ve certainly had my fair share of not knowing what healthy snacks I could throw together quickly while still abiding by the foods my body appreciates most. Eating healthy to many people seems like such a drag and a second job, but it really doesn’t have to be.

One of my favorite go-to snacks by far is Raw Almond Butter. On a spoon, on a banana, straight off my finger, with an apple, with a friend.. you get the idea.

Raw almond butter differs from normal roasted almond butter in the fact that the almonds are not roasted, and therefore withhold the highest nutrient profile possible because the proteins, fats, and nutrients within the almond have not been denatured or disrupted by the roasting process. If you’re extra curious, check out the label of your regular almond butter next time. Typically it will look like this:

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 7.47.58 PM

To answer the question I’m sure you’re asking- NO there is nothing wrong with roasted, regular almond butter! (As long as the ingredients list only says roasted almond and salt, you’re good to go. Don’t go buying that fake crap loaded with palm oils, sugar and death!) Simply put, raw almond butter allows each nutrient to be more bioavailable and more easily assimilated into our awesome bodies.

So a few weeks ago, I came rushing home after a long day of work and was hoping I to get a workout in before the gym got wild. You know that crazy 4-5pm rush of creepy men, lack of personal space, and chaos? Yea, who likes that?!.. Not me. Anyhow, I was starving and needed a quick snack. I had recently bought Dates to make some homemade ketchup a few days prior, and decided to grab some of those dates for a quick carb to fuel my workout. (Dates are essentially straight up sugar -aka carbs). I figured I should slap some protein on there as well, so why not some glorious Raw Almond Butter?!  Perfect little snack, and it only took two seconds to make. Okay maybe like 60 seconds.. I lied.

Raw Almond Butter Stuffed Dates
Prep time:
Total time:
Serves: 1+
  • Raw Almond Butter (I suggest Woody’s)
  • Organic Dates
  1. Set aside as many dates as you desire and remove the pits
  2. Cut the dates in half lengthwise
  3. Use a butter knife to scoop out as much raw almond butter as you wish, and put into the dates like a little taco
  4. Eat em up!


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  1. Sarah Moore says:

    Best snack ever!

  2. Teresa Eberly says:

    Wow! So awesome.

  3. aamidiy says:

    I really enjoyed your posts about diet, so I just followed you. It would be great if we can support each other, and I look forward to reading more!