Why I Use Natural Deodorant (And My Favorite Brand!)

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Conventional, anti-perspirant deodorants are harmful to our bodies in many ways- and the world is catching on, slowly but surely. Anti-perspirant’s contain a handful of toxic chemicals that are not ideal for human use, yet many people still apply these chemicals to their bodies unknowingly as a way to avoid sweat and body odor. These trace amounts of chemicals and heavy metals can (and do) build up over time, and are linked to different forms of cancer, tumors, bronchial issues, Alzheimer’s Disease, and a handful of other serious health problems.

According to the National Cancer Society, reports show these products contain harmful substances that can be absorbed through the skin or enter the body through nicks + cuts from shaving. Some scientists have also proposed that certain ingredients in underarm antiperspirants (like aluminum, propylene glycol, and phthalates) may also be closely related to breast cancer because they are applied frequently on top of the lymph tissue directly next to the breast.

Our skin is our biggest organ (yes, your skin is an organ- just like your heart, liver, lungs, etc.) and absorbs everything it comes into contact with. If you haven’t had the realization yet, it is so incredibly important to put natural, chemical free products on your skin to avoid accumulating toxic products in your tissues that can wreak havoc over time. (Side note- this is why your parents and teachers yelled at you when you wrote on your arms with markers and pens in elementary school!) To read more about common toxins in deodorants and why they are bad for you, check out this article.

Now What?

Many of you may be wondering, “If I don’t use antiperspirants, won’t I sweat a ton and smell horrible?? What deodorants should I be buying instead? What are my options?”

I learned about the many chemicals in antipersperant deodorants about 6 years and have spent too much time searching for the best product. My first decision was to switch to all-natural aluminum free deodorant such as Toms, Jason Organics, EO Deodorant Spray,etc., but found that they ALL still made me stinky! I am quite active, climbing 3-5 days a week, yoga, lifting… and I get pretty damn sweaty, so having a deodorant that kept me stinky was NOT IDEAL.

The unfortunate thing about the all of the natural deodorants I tried up until this year (and you may have had a similar experience) was that they smelled amazing and worked immediately upon application, but as my workout continued or the day dragged on, I would start to smell a mix of half essential oils – half body odor. GROSS. I think I’d rather just smell bad instead of smelling like I was trying to cover it up… Also, totally not into carrying deodorant around with me and applying it multiple times a day- because that was something I totally did in college when I first got into the natural deodorant world and it was a huge pain in the ass and also embarrassing.

The solution: Aluminum-free, Natural deodorant with ingredients so clean you could eat it. 

After about 6 years of wrestling with natural deodorants, I have FINALLY found a natural deodorant that works and I love. I feel like I’m ALWAYS talking about Primally Pure, but it’s truly because their products are just so damn amazing. AND- It’s a female owned and operated company. YAS WOMEN!

Primally Pure Deodorants have saved my damn life. It’s the absolute first natural one I’ve found that smells great all day and ACTUALLY WORKS! I’ve even woken up a day AFTER applying and gone to the gym without any smelly problems- WHAT?! Never thought that would be possible in the natural deodorant world, but Primally Pure made it happen.

They have a few different types: Charcoal + Eucalyptus (my current fave), their original recipe with TONS of incredible smells, and an unscented sensitive recipe that is amazing for anyone who deals with ingrown hairs, bumps, irritation, etc.

Sensitive skin, ingrown hairs, red bumps?

I still struggle with red bumps in my armpits time to time after shaving, but have found the Primally Pure “Everything Spray’ (which is also a part of my nightly face routine) to be SO HELPFUL in getting rid of red bumps. What I like to do is after shaving my armpits and drying off, I spray each armpit 2x with the Everything Spray. Works like a freakin dream- highly suggested.

Cheers to happy, smell-free, bump-free armpits that aren’t adding to our overall toxic load! YAY!


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