Fake Meat, The Power of Meat CSAs + The Future Of Farming with Pasture Provisions

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At Pasture Provisions we are proud to serve the residents of the greater Denver Metro and Boulder with our farm-to-door subscription delivery service featuring:  grass-fed beef and lamb, pasture-raised pork, chicken and eggs, assorted locally grown leafy greens and seasonal vegetables and fruits.

Our philosophy at Pasture Provisions is “You Are What You (M)eat”, which is the belief that we should only be eating animals and vegetables that are fed their natural food sources and never given GMO feed, growth hormones, pesticides, or other nasty stuff.  We also believe if you eat meat it should be ethically raised and meet the highest quality and animal welfare standards.

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In This Episode

  • Intro to Andrew Faires + JT Eberly, their background + how they started Pasture Provisions, what inspired the venture
  • Where Pasture Provisions meats come from- which farms in the area, what is the vetting process
  • Debunking the problems with plant-based meat products
  • Sustainability + planetary health- what misconceptions are out there?
  • What is one thing everyone should know about regenerative agriculture + what Pasture Provisions does
  • More specifics on the business- the business model, shipping options, what people can expect, what options are available
  • Bone broth collaboration with another local Denver company! 
  • What are the biggest challenges facing a regenerative agriculture meat delivery company + how can this agenda be pushed forward?
  • Resources for people who want to learn more about regenerative agriculture, the importance of meat, etc.
  • Number one takeaway from this episode
  • Connect with Pasture Provisions on social!
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Use Code EATLOCAL for 20% off your first subscription order (available to local Denver + Boulder residents only)

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