Toxicants, Genetics, Mental Health + Chronic Illness

Dr Matt Pratt Hyatt
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Dr. Matt Pratt-Hyatt received his PhD in cellular and molecular biology from the University of Michigan.  He has over a dozen publications in well-known research journals such as PNAS and Cell Metabolism. He is focused on assisting with diagnosis and treatment of mitochondrial disorders, neurological diseases, chronic immune diseases, and more. He specializes in developing tools that examine factors at the interface between genetics and toxicology. His work is bringing new insight into how genes and toxicants interact and how that may lead to mental health disorders, chronic health issues, and metabolism disorders. He is currently working with The Mold Pros as scientific advisor and interface with practitioners.

In This Episode

  • Dr. Matt’s background + The Mold Pros connection
  • Top disease-driving toxins
  • Main diseases seen from these top toxins — including mental health, chronic health, and metabolism disorders. 
  • When it comes to mental health, is there some element of toxicity driving the genetic expression of disease and what is the connection between methylation + toxins?
  • How an Organic Acids test can compliment a mycotoxin test and what markers to look for to determine mold colonization
  • The challenges with mycotoxin colonization and why a deeper detox is sometimes necessary
  • The Candida + Mold connection
  • What kind of timeline can be expected while eradicating mold?
  • What is Cell Danger Response and why it’s important to understand
  • Why mycotoxins are the drivers of illness for individuals with mold in their homes
  • Mycotoxin cleanup- The Mold Pros step by step process. What is green remediation? 
  • What is VOC testing + how is this done?
Lab photo by Drew Hays

Show Notes

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