Mold Remediation Do’s and Dont’s With Michael Rubino

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Michael Rubino is an international mold remediation expert with nearly a decade of field experience working with individuals who are immunocompromised to improve the air quality in their homes. He is a council certified Mold Remediator by IICRC and ACAC and a contributing member, sponsor, and speaker for the Indoor Air Quality Association. He works with roughly seventy-five to 100 families each year as they return to their homes after mold exposure. Rubino is married with two kids. He takes pride in his home life and enjoys daily bike rides and walks with his family.

I connected with Michael on Instagram (@themoldmedic) and discovered his work through Brian Karr’s podcast, Mold Finders Radio (69: How to avoid mold in a new construction home w/ Michael Rubino) Michael was immediately happy to share helpful information on the podcast and I can attest to his genuine care, knowledge, and excitement to help others feel their best.

In This Episode

  • Michael’s story and how he got into mold remediation
  • Details about Michael’s own issues with mold + his current new build situation
  • Myth Buster: Is it true that if you find mold in your current home, you just need to move into a new home?
  • What to do if you live in a house with mold and can’t move
  • Some of the biggest mistakes Michael sees when it comes to remediation projects
  • Some of the small, often missed areas that are left behind still causing issues after a big remediation project to be aware of if you’re sensitive to mold
  • What Michael’s top guidelines/suggestions are for finding a mold-literate remediation company for people who want the job done as best as possible

Listener Questions:

  1. @Jenntig: Are there any inexpensive tests you can do to see if you have mold? Living in a rented apartment right now
  2. @Healingthyme: What “stuff” should you get rid of? Couches, beds, bedding, etc?
  3. @Tilsmcnils: under sink leaked. Best tips for taking care of mold? Something I can handle myself?
  4. @Mandyluterbach: if you work in a space that most likely has mold is a good air filter good enough to support?

Show Notes:

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