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After 16 years in the corporate world with GlaxoSmithKline, Penn Athletics, Adecco and ISL Worldwide, Nathan founded True Calling™ in 1999 and is now a Master Coach with over 24,000 hours of coaching experience and several thousand clients in the last 22 years. Nathan loves maximizing individual potential based upon each client’s innate passions and strengths (hardwiring) and the lifestyle they wish to live. In doing so, they now have the clarity and confidence to proceed down a career path that energizes and fulfills them. He has a variety of Adult, Student and Organizational programs. Nathan has a degree in Business from Colorado State University and a host of Professional Certifications. He is married and the proud father of 3 college age children.

I am SO incredibly excited to bring you this podcast episode! Nathan Teegarden has been my career coach and mentor since August of 2020 and I honestly can’t imagine what my life or career would look like without him. I know that sounds dramatic, but I truly found myself in quite a dramatic situation last year after having an “Entrepreneurial Seizure“.

I had spent 5 years running my online nutrition business with many high-highs and low-lows and gray area in between, but everything came to a crashing halt two weeks before the pandemic hit when I chose to take a break from everything. (To read about the 5 things I learned while taking a break from my business, click here.)

After one too many seasons of burnout, I hit a crossroads of deeply second guessing my passion and my purpose, and needed time to gain my bearings and mental clarity on the situation.

Enter Nathan Teegarden- a lovely new friend of my fathers who had been a long-time career coach helping people discover their True Calling.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of Nathan’s guidance during my deep questioning – his rare and effective triangulation of personality/strengths/interests to determine a persons unique ‘hardwiring’ has led me to understand myself in ways I never knew I DIDN’T already know. He’s never once told me “hey, this is what you should do” – but instead has simply asked questions along the way that have guided me back to my most authentic self in very powerful ways.

If you’re feeling lost, not sure what your passion or interests are, are looking for guidance, or if you already know what your passion is and are simply interested in HOW to take yourself from where you’re currently at to the “next level” – I cannot recommend this podcast episode and connecting with Nathan highly enough.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Nathan’s story and why mainstream “life coaching” didn’t resonate for him
  • How Nathan discovered the triangulation road map for himself and for others + the wild success it has proven after 3,000+ clients
  • Does everyone have a true calling?
  • The important concept of “who not how” in business
  • How the wrong career can negatively impact your mental, physical, and emotional health
  • My personal experiences in working with Nathan

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