Our Mold Story with Cait + Stu

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In This Episode:

  • Our different experiences male vs female in experiencing mold illness
  • The initial symptoms we had that were notable + mold symptoms in general to look for
  • The relationship challenges + marital stress we went through while living in mold
  • Why the pandemic made our mold illness + symptoms worse
  • Our miscarriage that tipped the scales + made us deeply question what was making both of us so sick (listen to the podcast episode Stu and + did on our miscarriage here)
  • What lab tests we used to validate we had mold in our bodies
  • How we found the mold source in our crawl space + HVAC system
  • The many mold inspection tests we ran + which ones are worth your money + which ones aren’t
  • Why the conventional methods of remediating mold often make health symptoms worse
  • What are mycotoxins + why they make you sick
  • How much we paid for mold remediation + things to consider when it comes to insurance coverage, HVAC cleaning, etc. 
  • How we found mold in our 2-year old HVAC system + what we did to fix it
  • Why we decided to move out of our home after we remediated
  • How we found a home with little to no mold + how we tested + prepped that home before we moved in 

Listener Questions:

  • What items were salvageable?
  • Do you experience any weight gain?
  • Did your mold show up on a bioscan?
  • Did you get your testing done via Great Plains labs or Vibrant Wellness, why?
  • Did you use any antifungals in nasal sprays or internally?
  • Did you detox your dogs, if so – how?

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